This is me and R80

This is me, Lari. I have over 15 years experience in information security industry. I work as a security consultant in the Professional Services organization of Check Point Software Technologies.
I said yes when my colleague and good friend Mark Bennet asked me to become a co-author of this blog. So, here we go. This is my first blog post, but there will be more…

Yesterday¬†Check Point announced R80, the next generation security management platform. Check Point’s centralized security management system has always been the best in market, but now the best got even better.

What is so cool about this new platform?

1. Unified policy. Everything can be done from the same view in SmartDashboard.
2. Policy segmentation. Different layers in policy increase efficiency.
3. Automation. Security operations can be automated to make them more efficient.
4. Orchestration. Integration with existing 3rd party tools over trusted APIs
5. Concurrent administration. Several admins can edit the policy simultaneously.
6. Consolidated logging and monitoring
7. Segregation of duties allow e.g. separate teams to manage IPS and firewall
… And much more…

For more details, see the Exchange Point Forum.