Six VMware questions to ask yourself

  1. How do you gain security and visibility inside the data center with your existing security solution?
  2. Can you protect the software defined data center with the same security infrastructure as your physical gateways?
  3. How do you protect the data center against the latest cyber threats?
  4. How do you know if a malware is propagated inside the data center?
  5. How do you secure business applications on the software defined data center?
  6. How do you automatically provision security to protect data center applications?

There is a simple answer to all six questions.

Check out how it all works in this Video titled Software Defined DataCenter in 10 minutes

Bottom line:

The Check Point vSEC and VMware NSX integrated solution delivers dynamic orchestration of advanced threat prevention for all data center traffic.

•Complete Integration with vCenter and NSX and full visibility of all data center objects in security policy. Single policy for both virtual and physical gateways simplifies security enforcement.
•Complete protection using Next Generation Threat Prevention to protect against cyber threats and share VM security state of infected VM with NSX for automatic remediation.
•Detailed vCenter & NSX context (VM names) in logs. Centralized monitoring, logging and event analysis ensures comprehensive threat visibility, both physical gateways and virtual ones inside VMware.