You’re watching TV – Is it also watching you?

Check Point Software recently mentions this on their blog site regarding EZCast. (See the full post here: )

“It’s an HDMI dongle-based TV streamer that converts your regular TV into a smart TV and allows you to connect to the Internet and other media.”

“Since the EZCast dongle runs on its own Wi-Fi network, entering the network is actually quite easy. This network is secured only by an 8-digit numeric password, which can be easily cracked.”

Check Point discusses the potential of information leakage that can come once a brute force attack (which they successfully did) is executed.

They further go on to ask the question “Would you sell access to your network for $25 dollars? Because that’s what you’re essentially doing when you buy and use this device.”

Since there are roughly 5 million users and EZCast has not bothered to address this, all I can say is enjoy that movie marathon.

Muhahahahahahahaha !!!!