How does Amazon Web Service Work??

I wanted to tell everyone about a blog post written by Nick Matthews that describes in depth how all the connectivity works in AWS. Nick defines the terms used by Amazon, and what they mean. In his blog he uses some great network diagrams to help explain how it all fits together.

Check it out here:

There is also a 45 minute video on YouTube that walks through the AWS network presentation:

Did you know??? Check Point vSEC is a family of products that delivers advanced threat prevention security to public, private and hybrid cloud and software-defined data center environments. Easily and affordably, extend security to your Amazon cloud using rapid one-click deployment of the vSEC gateway which is available in the AWS Marketplace. Policy management is simplified with centralized configuration and monitoring of cloud and on premise security from a single console.

You can read more about vSEC here:


PAN- Setting The Record Straight

This video is titled 50 shades of PAN that was posted on YouTube. It really sets the record straight on what they have been claiming. This video shows a sales pitch by Mark McLaughlin CEO of Palo Alto.

See the video here:

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